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Recommended of the member is required to join.
Please contact the Continental board members.
IKMA is a registered organization of leaders who inherit a legitimate Japanese karate.
1.  Legitimate black belt 3rd-dan or more persons
2.  Actually that it is teaching karate
- It is necessary to have more than one dojo
3.  you must have the recommendation the official member

Please send the following documents.
· Application form
· A copy of Dan diploma
      IKMA checks the Dan diploma.
· Career and karate career for you.
IKMA is an organization that registers a legitimate Karate Master.

Our set of protocols for submitting request for rank recognition, titles and or rank advancement for the IKMA.

They must have been approved as a member. 

Supporting documentation that will show dates of ranks and authority of the issuer. This documentation must be scanned and forwarded to the IKMA.

All diplomas from 1st-dan to present.

For recognition of rank all documentation must be provided and must come from an authentic sensei or organization.

We will not accept jumpers.

(People who go from one organization to another just to get papers or rank).

Member Preliminary surveys sheet  (Downloads)

※IKMA is Japan & Okinawa Karate and kobudo,Kenpo,Taijutsu, of the organization.
Does not include kendo, aikido,Kung fu, boxing. and taekwondo

Dan for registration must have proof of years of experience.
 4th-dan karate 15-20years of experience.
 5th-dan karate 20-25years of experience
 6th-dan karate 25-30years of experience
 7th-dan karate 30-35years of experience
 8th-dan karate 35-40years of experience
 9th-dan karate 40-45years of experience
 10th-dan karate 45-50years of experience
It is essential that have learned in the same Ryuha.


IKMA check The diploma or Certification of Japanese that was printed by your federation, that Japanese language is corret or not.  IKMA check without a fee!


   IKMA European Representative is Tamas Weber sensei.
  soIf there are any European Shihan who wants to join to IKMA,
  would you contact to Tamas Weber Sensei.

Membership fee

Membership Fee  is 140$ for  5 Years  ( Included 5 Years)
Bank exchang Fee is included in 140$.

   Please send along with the membership fee

After payment, I will send the IKMA registration certificate by airmail.

Certification was send by Air-mail of small packages, or SAL flights.
It takes time for 3-4weeks until arrival.

Types of membership

・Board Members
・Official Members
・General Members
・Associate Members
・Friendship Members

Continental members ( Contact Information region )

   ▼ Cobtinental    ▼ Regional officer (2021-2023)
  Europe   Tamas Weber
  East Europe
  Middle East
  Asia   Kkpp Satharasinghe
  America       Sid Rayford
  Hugh Kelley 
  Central America    Greg Reid
  South America   Santiago Sacaba

Registration of Dan

IKMA registers the official dan rank.

■Dan registration fee

  When you need the Diploma, it take cost.
    and also need to pay the sending fee.  (from Japan   )

・  3rd-dan      100$
・  4th-dan      150$
・  5th-dan      200$
・  6th-dan      300$
・  7th-dan      350$
・  8th-dan      400$
・  9th-dan      500$
・ 10th-dan     600$

Postal  charge and the income of the japan bank fee is  50 Dollars.
Sample example
Registration fee 140 $ + 7dan certificate (350) + 50 = 540 $

Bank transfer account number

Dear Sirs,
In remittance,please instruct your bank as follows,

Please contact us in advance

Account number, please ask you

(English name)
IKMA     International Karate Masters Association
(Japanese name)
             Official Japanese name
※When Japanese people translate from English to Japanese,
   Masters means Shihan and Shidosha,Kai means Kyokai.

Remittance possible with PayPal


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