Ragjistration of DAN

IKMA-Shihankai registers the official Dan.
The official Dan, submit curriculum vitae of the applicant, a copy of the certificate and diploma.
On the review, we will determine.
※Curriculum vitae in English, it must be detailed.
IF The Diploma or Certification was issued by suspicious organization, IKMA is not issue the Dan certification to
that person.

Dan for registration must have proof of years of experience.
 4th-dan karate 15-20years of experience.
 5th-dan karate 20-25years of experience
 6th-dan karate 25-30years of experience
 7th-dan karate 30-35years of experience
 8th-dan karate 35-40years of experience
 9th-dan karate 40-45years of experience
 10th-dan karate 45-50years of experience
It is essential that have learned in the same Ryuha.
▲Roughly of training years

Dan registration fee

   When you need the Diploma, it take cost.
    and also need to pay the sending fee.  (from Japan   )

・  3rd-dan      100$
・  4th-dan      150$
・  5th-dan      200$
・  6th-dan      300$
・  7th-dan      350$
・  8th-dan      400$
・  9th-dan      500$
・ 10th-dan     600$

Certification was send by Air-mail of small packages, or SAL flights.
It takes time for 3-4weeks until arrival.

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