it was given for the person who es been dedicated
and unwavering devotion for the karate and society.
Hall of fame prize winner have to be over 70 years old.
itfs given for a deceased person.
(and posthumous award)       

20xx Hall of fame

2018 Hall of fame

Tamas Weber   1942-
Stockholm, Sweden
Shito-ryu 10th-dan
WKF 10th-dan
Seishintyu 10th-dan
International Sanshinkan
Pioneer of European Karate

2016 Hall of fame

mimura kayoko
Mimura Kayoko   1974(11/06)-2015(27/11)
Seishintyu 7th-dan
posthumous 9th-dan
ISKF HQ Kancho
Seishiryu karate's first female Shihan at HQ Kancho.
Youngest female high-Dan rank