it was given for the person who es been dedicated
and unwavering devotion for the karate and society.
Hall of fame prize winner have to be over 70 years old.
itfs given for a deceased person.
(and posthumous award)       

2023 Hall of fame

Santiago Sacaba      1952- 
10th-dan Grand Master@ฌ—ั—ฌ
Okinawa Shorinr-yu Karate Kobudo Federation
WUKO Shorin-ryu Director
IKMA Official member

2018 Hall of fame

Tamas Weber   1942-
Stockholm, Sweden
Shito-ryu 10th-dan
WKF 10th-dan
Seishintyu 10th-dan
International Sanshinkan
Pioneer of European Karate

2016 Hall of fame

mimura kayoko
Mimura Kayoko   1974(11/06)-2015(27/11)
Seishintyu 7th-dan
posthumous 9th-dan
ISKF HQ Kancho
Seishiryu karate's first female Shihan at HQ Kancho.
Youngest female high-Dan rank

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